Sunday night recap

It has been a long weekend. Friday night we went to see Tyler play at a family friendly club. Saturday was all kinds of stuff, plus we grilled out with young adults from church. Sunday was church, then Gattis with the kids, then I spoke at youth. So it has been quite the full weekend.

Tomorrow I start the countdown til I quit work. 10 working days left. Words can’t express how really excited I am about working full time for the church. Might have to work a bit of part time. But I will be a lot more focused on one one full time job instead of two.

I am pretty sure I love grilling and eating a bacon wrapped, shrimp stuffed jalapeno. That is an amazing combination.

After hearing both sides of the Arizona controversy surrounding illegal aliens, I am pretty sure that both sides need to come together to reach a compromise. On the one hand we need to be sympathetic to all man kind. Those coming to our country to find work are obviously seeking a better life and are willing to leave their country to do it. So I get that. On the other hand, it needs to be managed legally. And the Bible is clear about a responsibility to obey the laws of the land. The laws can never legislate love, though, and we must give love no matter what. Just an interesting rift in our society right now.

I love my wife. I am watching her play a computer game right now. And it makes me smile how she holds her mouth trying to concentrate while trying to beat the game. She is so precious to me. And I am blessed.

God is doing some really unique things in our midst. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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