What did I do

Today was my first day to be working solely for the church. I just ended my time of 15 months working at faithHighway while planting a church. And the biggest question that came up last week was “what are you going to do Monday?” So here is what I did today.

—I took my car to have it serviced and put new wheels. I was working a lot of hours and did not have time to really take care of my car. So I spent a bit of time getting that done.

—I caught up on my church emails. Not too many really. But I needed to sift through that.

—I got caught up on my blog reading. I like to read what others are doing. On some blogs, I was behind around 50 posts. So I am nearly caught up with that.

—I made a pretty detailed list on what I wanted to get done this week. Alot of it is some complex strategy thinking and the rest was administrative.

—I got my desk in order and cleaned the office. Wow. Neglect is a good word. But I am getting there.

—I took some time to pray and read my Bible. I found my wide margin Bible so I could take notes as I read. Refreshing.

—I sent some chaser emails/instant messages to various individuals.

—I printed out some articles I want to read and take notes on and digest

—I grilled supper for the family.

Normally, most pastors take either Monday or Friday off. Not really going to be doing that for a while. I want to stay focused and disciplined.  But today, I didn’t really set a big agenda. Wanted to just get centered for the rest of the week. Tomorrow, I have a pretty packed day and will begin wading into some strategic areas to help our church with it’s discipleship and outreach.

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