I have a 98 Mustang GT. My son thinks he has one too, but he doesn’t quite realize it’s mine. About a year ago, I put new horseshoes (tires) all the way around because the other shoes were worn down due to excessive speeds and quick starts off the line. At that time, I had a chat with my son and let him know that we can’t afford to keep putting tires on the car and that he needs to change his driving patters when he is in MY car. So here we are, a year later, and the tires on the back were balded off again. I again have a chat with him, knowing that the teenage brain, especially the male one, is not fully functional and requires massive amounts of stimulus to hold onto comprehensive information. Let’s move on.

I determine I am not buying new tires again. I may get rid of the car in a year or so. So I venture to the dark side of the tire world and get some used tires. Mind you, it’s a whole different world than NTB. You can barter a bit. The tires you get might match up and they might not. They may be great or just average. But they are cheaper and if they get balded off in a year, you don’t feel like your overperforming mutual fund just tanked.

So I get three. Oddly, the left front is not so bad. I guess there were a lot of hard left turns as that would have put the pressure to the right side. Let’s move on. So that was all yesterday. I felt like I had cheated by not paying a huge amount for new tires. The rears are 17’s.  One 17 tire will cost the same as 150 sweet tea’s from Bushes Chicken. Let’s move on. My son takes MY car to school this morning. Phone call. Flat tire on front right. Apparently the tire avengers were not pleased with me. So I go give my son our other car. And my penance is to change a flat tire on the side of the road. I put on the bicycle tire spare and it’s half flat. I pull in to put air in the tire. I have three quarters. But this air place has premium air and feels four quarters is what their air is worth. So I head to a different place that has discount air and pump up the spare. I don’t have my wallet so that is my next stop.

I head off to the tire place and explain my plight. Upon further inspection, the “dark side” tire place didn’t quite do a good enough job cleaning the old rubber off the rim, thus causing a slight leak.  All fixed and back home.

What I learned:
1. You can say it’s your car all day long. But once they drive off in it, all bets are off.
2. You get what you pay for. And sometimes, you don’t even get that.
3. If your company, no matter how “dark” screws something up, a big apology goes along way. Didn’t get that.
4. I find great comfort in knowing that the trying of my faith works patience. I was not frustrated or angry or any other emotion. Just very matter of fact. So maybe I am becoming more patient.
5. Changing a flat tire at 8 am is better than later in the afternoon. Not as hot.
6. I saved a lot of money here. So in the end it was probably worth it.

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