B P Oil Spill

The biggest problem is gushing into our ocean. And sitting here writing this, I frankly don’t care who is to blame right now. But I do care that it gets fixed, and fast. Unfortunately, posturing has become a way of life in our country. Let’s affix the blame first, then fix it. If the wrong people own the problem at the wrong time, they could lose office or be sued or go out of business.

Sadly, we have lost the proper first response. The first response is, let’s get the best minds on this, get all the ideas we can, and solve this as fast as possible. The blame will find its proper resting place soon enough. But let’s return to brilliance. Let’s let genius rise again. No bad ideas, only ideas that are not as good as others. No stupid people, only people who got to the solution quicker.

Kind of venting here. But even I felt convicted that I have not prayed until a couple of days about this. We need genius. We need smart. We need brilliance. Let’s pursue the author of those things and ask for great amounts of success, ingenuity and know how. Politics will not solve our problems. The Holy Spirit will, given the opportunity. Rant over. As you were…

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