In The Crapper

Today, we picked up two toilets. They were gifts from Lower Colorado River Authority. The idea is that if they give away free toilets that do a better job of conserving water, it will be better for us all. And I agree. But this has stirred a few thoughts in my head.

1. Crapper is the name of a guy who was associated with the creation of the toilet. He did not in fact file the patent for it nor does it factually support he created it. He could have created it. Or, he may have actually purchased the patent from an employee of his. This information might help you win at Trivial Pursuit. Just trying to help.

2. Should our society move towards a position of doing the right thing without being bribed by free stuff? In other words, why wouldn’t I just replace all our toilets because it was the right thing to do?

3. I find it ironic that the LCRA is giving away free toilets. Yet it is raising the rates on water because usage is down. Why is usage down? It rained a lot the last few months. More rain equals less yard watering. Less yard watering equals less water consumption. Less water consumption equals lower revenues. Follow me here.  If they didn’t offer all those free toilets, could they have kept the cost of water down. It’s a confusing and viscious cycle. So a free toilet means I consume less water. Confused?

4. I wonder how many people got their free toilet and just turned around and Craigslisted it? Oh the scandal.

5. Giving me a free toilet will no doubt boost the plumbing industry as someone has to come out and install those bad boys in my house. If I do it, I will no doubt turn our house into a water park. Hmmm. Water park equals fun for the kids. Fun for the kids equals charge admission. I see all along this is a scam by the LCRA to get me to do my own plumbing, have it leak all over the house and cause me to consume more water at a higher price to overcompensate for the free toilets. Genius.

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