hockey is life

I couldn’t go watch the Star’s tonight in their bid for the championship as I didn’t have a ticket.  So I paid a few bucks and watched it online. The interesting thing is that when you watch the game, you also have a chat room. While watching the game, I saw the opposing team fans complaining about the refs. See, their team lost the first two games at home to us. So they were blaming the refs for the losses. It couldn’t have been our team beat them, or that their team was flat, or any other reason. It was the refs. Bad calls. Missed calls. Calls in the Stars favor.

As I sat and listened to all that mess, I realized how quick we all are to make excuses. It’s alot easier to make excuses than it is to own up to failure. It’s easier to make excuses and blame others instead of learning from the past and making proper adjustments.

When Jesus invited people to follow Him, so many people had excuses. And when some people followed Him, they often blamed their failures on all kinds of external issues, rather than owning the situation.

For me, I need to start thinking about where I am going instead of blame shifting for where I am right now. I am at the place where God has me and I can choose to move forward with Him. The past is gone right? So why dwell there? I look forward!

By the way, you will find me living forward at the Wednesday night game and the Friday night game. I will be the guy with the Stars jersey on!

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