Sub Cultures

Today, I went to Barnes and Noble. I wanted to get out of the office and study and catch up on stuff. So upon entering the place, I looked for a place to camp out. In the upstairs area they have several tables and chairs. Of course all of them were full. It is a sub culture. One girl was slumped over a table fast asleep. One table had three college students “borrowing” their research books. There was a couple other people banging away at their computers. Another person was obviously trying to read several books before probably leaving buying nothing.

I decided then, to head over to the coffee area. A different sub group. Moms were on the schedule today, chatting about their kids and how to make them behave and keeping them from blowing a gasket while being held hostage to the discussions. I fortunately found a seat. And that is where I am now. Taking a minor pause. It looks like it will be much longer. The rain is pouring. The run to my car would be the same result as jumping in a pond. So, I am part of this B&N sub culture. For now.

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