Thoughts on a Friday

I am often reminded how fragile life is. In my life and in others, so many little events can have such far reaching implications. I find that it is so much easier to simply disconnect from how I feel about things to avoid the high highs and low lows. But that can’t be acceptable. People have such deep hurts. And people have such huge victories. While it’s easier to slink away and only concern myself with, well myself, the call is to greater than myself. I have to wade in to the lives of others to help shoulder up with them when the situations are rough and tough. And I have to wade in to the lives of others to celebrate as they lift the trophies of their victories. In other words, I have to stay engaged and BE on the journey with others.

It’s obvious and true I can’t do a whole lot to change the situations good or bad that are happening in my friends lives. But the power of just being there comes through loud and clear. God help me to avoid my own selfishness so I can be that guy that was there at that time.

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