Shutting my pie hole

There are so many times I sit down to blog, then erase everything I have written. Things people say or do frustrate me just like everyone else. But I can’t just blurt it out on my social network outlets because of the adverse effect. Things that happen in the neighborhood. Things that happen in and around my kids lives. Things that happen at church. On and on. I just have to lock down my comments as best as I can because I am a leader.

People hold leaders to a higher standard. Rightfully so. People expect leaders to lead and do so with excellence and integrity and vision. And when we don’t measure up in their eyes, they talk. And they usually don’t talk to me, they talk around me.  It’s not just me. People have opinions about others and share it with everyone else but that person.  It’s not unusual. It’s pretty common. It’s been this way forever.

So, I just don’t blog as much anymore because I want to guard my speech. One thing I will say is that if you have plenty of time to talk about someone else, you have time to either talk directly to the person, pray about it, or just be quiet. I have struggled with this all my life – not talking about someone but talking to them directly. And frankly, when I am that way, I know I bring division, I tear down someone, and I violate God’s code for handling conduct. So my goal is to continue to keep my pie hole shut and not blog about the things that really irk me. And I will try to handle the rumors I hear about me or someone else with Biblical precision. And I will keep my pie hole shut.

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