Monday was yesterday

My wife and I were marveling about what a rough and not so great day yesterday was. Sometimes Mondays kick like Jet Li. And as I read around the various social network updates, lot’s of people were busted up by Monday as well. So all that is yesterday.

Today is Tuesday. Jet Li is gone. Today, is not Monday. So, with all the vim and vigor and a little fire from the sting of the knocks I took yesterday, I climb back up and set my sight squarely on what I am called to do, what I am destined to do, what I am challenged to do. No looking back. Only looking forward.

I hope today you have an awesome Tuesday. It’s a great day. If I can help you or encourage you or cheer you up, call/email/tweet/facebook/smoke signal me. We are all in this together.

2 Responses to Monday was yesterday

  1. Rodnesha says:

    You know, for me, Tuesday is shaping up to be worse than Monday?! Isn’t that bizarre?? And I am majorly clock-watching today… it’s only 11. I could def use some Tony wisdom/anecdotes/jokes/funny sayings!!

    • Well, there must be some huge big thing worth fighting for. Seems “Jet Li” is back for more. So you gotta kick back on whatever the challenge is. If he’s after your joy, then you need to laugh your face off. If he is after your money, you need to be super generous. If he is after your friendships, you have to love love love people. If Monday is hanging around on a Tuesday, then kick him back to Monday. Yeah, we got the flava!!!!

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