Gravitational Pull

We are all subject to it. And we acknowledge it. We buy tramplines to fight against it. We use parachutes to retard it. We use it to our advantage when we are on top of a mountain and send a rock over its edge. We give in to it when we lay down to go to sleep.

But why is it that we often fight against our own internal gravitational pull? If we have five kinds of books in front of us, we will often have one we want to read but we also might pick a different book thinking it’s the book we need to read. Single people often will know the kind of person they want to date, but yet they are drawn not so much to the kind of person they described. If we are asked what kind of leader we are, we will often describe the kind of leader we want to be. We struggle so much with what we really want to be/have/do as opposed to what is more natural.

When I was in my 20’s, I would get asked to a lot of parties and events. I discovered the reason I got invited so much was because I could bring humor and some entertainment to these events. Not in a huge on stage kind of way. But in a way of keeping things light and fun. When I discovered the reasons for my invitations, it made me kind of angry. Was I being used? So I began repelling some of the invitations that made me suspicious. But I was fighting gravity. I enjoyed the opportunity to have fun and help others enjoy their time. I had to learn not to fight that pull.

The point of this post is that you are intricately made by God. And He made you with certain internal gravitational pulls. And the pulls you have in your life can be of great value and importance to others. The gifts and talents you possess are amazing and complex and challenging. Yet in those gifts and talents are the stuff that helps contribute to a better place, a better job, a better relationship, a better learning experience. Don’t fight against how you are made. You can only fight gravity so long.

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