Convergence Reading

I am reading way too many books right now. Odd it is because I really don’t read books that much. But lately I have an insatiable appetite for them right now. Here are a list of the books I am reading right now:

Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
Outliers by Malcom Gladwell
Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer
The Habits of Highly Effective Churches by George Barna (rereading)
First Things First by Kurt and Brenda Warner
Visioneering by Andy Stanley (rereading)

And there is a ginormous convergence taking place through all this – more focus on leadership. There are enough negatives to being a leader that you have to be missing a couple of chromisones to keep doing it. But for me, I see leadership in everything. And I keep reading, letter by letter, and I see how I can improve my leadership or help others improve theirs. And as the leadership them converges in on me through all this reading, I realize that I know less about being a good leader than I think I do. I also am so much more sympathetic to leaders – pastors, managers, parents, teachers, police officers, politicians (not so much). Because leaders are tasked to get out front, find the way, communicate it, explain why, and fix the problems along the way, and try to stay healthy through the process. I have said before, leadership is like changing a flat tire on a car while it is going fifty  miles an hour.

If you are a leader, can I encourage you in a few ways, ways that have helped me:
– Read up on leadership. Be hungry to be taught more and more about leadership
– Gather some faithful people around you, ones that will be honest with you
– Keep encouraging yourself.  You have to be your own cheerleader at times.
– Pray. If you are leader, God wants to talk to you and help you and direct you.
– Invest in other leaders. You will likely learn allot of good and not so good as you watch those you invest in.
– Debrief. Keep looking back at the effectiveness of your leadership last week/month and see how you can improve.
– Let your mistakes be diving boards and not concrete blocks. One will launch you, the other will drag you down.
– Communicate as much as you can. If possible, send an email, announce it, put it in the newsletter, paste it on the web site, put it on a billboard, send up a smoke signal, and rent out a blimp. Even then, some people will say they didn’t know. So communicate your leadings as much as you can.
– Forgive well. That means you. And that means others. It does you absolutely no good to harbor resentment.

Much of the stuff I wrote above has not too much with strategic leadership. But it all ties in with being prepared to be a good leader. Your challenge, and mine, is to be good at leadership. That is a life of learning. And it all converges around leadership one way or another.

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