I have now walked for two days in a row. I am hoping I am forming a good habit of walking everyday. Honestly, I do not like walking. But I do not like my now chunky self. I really don’t gain weight nor lose weight through the week or month. But over the years, it has been this gradual increase. I am like an IRA – a small amount of growth over a 5 year period.

It seems exercise and watching what I eat and being healthy have always been an extremely low priority. But now, I think It must be more of a front and center issue. And I think it is God who is fueling my need to become more fit. He made me, but not so much like this. BMI says I should way 185 or something like that. Um yeah. BMI – Baloney Metrics Index. I think if I can drop around, oh say, a couple of adult bowling balls, I will feel pretty amazed.

So why bother posting about this? It’s just a way to say I recognize God has a better plan for me than I have allowed in the area of health. I think He just might want me to live longer than I am anticipating. I think He wants me to look like a man of discipline.

As I am writing this, I get a popup from my email with a Freebird’s Burrito coupon. Cruel. Just cruel.

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