Saturday Suppositions

I am writing today. That in and of itself is a bit unusual. Seems I am writing all the time, and blogging just gets a trunk seat. So, this morning, I am writing a few things on my mind. You probably will not find any good in it, so you have your disclaimer.

– The Facebook owner gave Newark $100 million dollars. The city is pondering what to do with it. Maybe it’s just me but wouldn’t it have been a bit wiser to specifically target projects that would help the whole city? Giving money to a city without limitations or expectations is kind of careless. I am guessing that the money will be used to build something rather than fix/help/restore. The gift is amazing and speaks highly of the giver. Not knocking that. Just think maybe some accountability for that gift would have been a good idea.

– The exploits of Lohan and Hilton and their drug escapages seems to get tons of press. What doesn’t get press is how many people, in that exact situation, would have still been in jail. I am amazed at how much grace they receive. Japan, though, was not interested in giving Hilton grace and rejected her entrance to their country. I continually sit in amazement at all that goes on in our world.

– A Cincinnatti Reds player threw 105 mile an hour pitch. Holy cow that’s fast. Arnoldis Chapman threw 25 pitches in total last night, all of them over 100 mph. Are you kidding me? That is insance. Good for him.

– Sometimes prayer is all we have. And sometimes prayer is saying nothing but just letting God be God and trusting Him to sort everything out. I find I want so much to fix things and help people. And I find God needs me, at times, to not try and fix things I can’t fix and not help people I can’t help. That is a continually disturbing reality.

– I am so thankful for my new office chair. I am blessed. It’s not a ridiculously expensive chair. I got it with reward points. $120 chair cost me around $15 actual out of pocket cash. But it’s just so much more comfy.

– Pride is really cheap and easy to come by. Humility is expensive and difficult to gather. And it takes a lot of courage and, well humility, to put off pride. I will let you know when I get that all figured out.

– My wife is truly amazing. I have a front row seat watching her continually pursue the calling of God on her life. And I also fully understand that part of her job is to help me with humility. I mean that in a good way, for the most part!!

– Are you still reading. If so, please let me know if I can help you or pray for you. Seriously. Let me know.

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