Thinking about Church

Tonight, like every Sunday night, I think about church, our church, Legacy. And every week, I invariably think about two sides of our church. I am not pulling any punches on this post. But I won’t reveal everything I am thinking either. But these are my thoughts and I own them. And I am praying through this very adamantly. So here goes.

FAITHFUL PEOPLE. Thank you Jesus for the faithful in our church. We have a solid group of people who will flat out be there if at all possible, will give faithfully financially, will serve their butts off, and will not quit, give up, give in or gife out. They just get it. Like our worship team. Every Sunday morning, they are there at 8:00 am getting ready to bring worship. Like the hospitality team that get all the stuff ready. Guys like John Kent who works ridiculous hours and will be in church unless he is working. Girls like Jennet who work the graveyard shift at 911 and will be there unless she just can’t. People like John Vela who brought in 200 plus cans to the food pantry. Like Wayne who stayed up most of the night making sure we had great brisket to eat today at the picnic. Like all the people that work in the kids ministry, invisibly, so our kids will learn about Jesus and will grow up with a relationship with Christ, not just an idea of who He is. Like so many who give faithfully, tithing, even though they may even be in financial struggles. Like Wendy who tries to get people signed up for hospitality and food. And when people just won’t sign up, she just goes out and buys the stuff, making sure things are covered. Like Kandy who picks up so much slack it’s not even funny. Like David and Cheri and Brian and Amanda and Chad and Rebecca and Shannon who help lead this church despite frustrations and challenges. I am sure I left some people out. But we have some amazingly faithful people in our church and I am sorry if I just didn’t mention you. But I couldn’t be more inspired to see you faithfully serve Jesus and serve Legacy. It is faithfulness in action and I think it blesses the heart of God Himself!  So thank you all so much for your faithfulness. AMAZING PEOPLE!

MIA’s – I believe people who just don’t show up and don’t give financially and don’t serve are not only hurting our church but are hurting themselves. I am hearing the frustrations of the faithful. The questions I hear most often are:
“Why don’t people get to church”
“Why don’t people give faithfully”
“Why don’t more people respond and sign up”
“Why don’t more people serve”
The fact is, we need every person to reach our God given potential as a church. And not getting to church when you can hurts our momentum. Not giving faithfully handcuffs our efforts to support international missions, and it cripples our ability to do outreach. We have an excellent outreach plan that is sitting “up on cinder blocks because we can’t afford the wheels” to roll it out. We have ministries that need help, hands, volunteers. So some of the faithful are getting stretched too thin. Scripturally, there are so many verses that point to the importance of church in the eyes of Christ. Yet sadly, the priority is not church. For me personally, the two most frustrating things as a pastor are people that don’t make church a priority and people that do not give faithfully to the ministry of the church. And when I have to spend my time figuring out how to manage ministry and how to make ends meet as a church, it keeps me from spending more time on our future, our present spiritual challenges, and our vision and strategies. The best thing to happen as you read this is that you not get frustrated with what I am saying or get offended, but evaluate your own position and make changes if need be. I believe in you. I believe God wants you to thrust yourself more fully into the flow of the church and experience God’s blessings as a result. And when you aren’t here, aren’t giving, aren’t serving, I definitely feel it and miss you and your contribution!

We are trying to build a church that we all can get excited about. And we are trying to build a Christ centered church where we believe Jesus is pleased with how we serve, how we minister, how we worship, and how we grow in discipleship. We are not trying to build a comfortable place where participation and commitment and sacrifice are for the 20%. It’s time to step up. It’s time to gear up. And it’s time for all of us to come alongside the faithful who are carrying more of the load than they need to. It starts with me. It starts with you. No more excuses. We need you to get into the life and flow of Legacy Fellowship and be counted faithful so we can further the advancement of the cause of Christ in our lives and the lives of others. And if this email hasn’t offended you, I hope to see you Wednesday night at 6:00 pm for prayer or Sunday morning at 10:00 am for worship.

2 Responses to Thinking about Church

  1. jennetcetera says:

    Aww, love you too! I really missed being there today, but I will be there next week for sure. No way I’m gife’ing out!:)

  2. You better not gife out! I always say, I need an editor. I was able to see that gife is actually a word only found in the urban dictionary which defined reads :a term used to describe a long term girlfriend who acts like a wife, but has no legal protection or benefits that are associated with being legally married. Pretty sure that’s not what I meant. Thanks for the post and thanks for being faithful!

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