Where am i

I am sitting in the waiting area of a doctors office waiting for my brother to get checked out. Reading a book on Kindle. thinking about all kinds of stuff. Heavy stuff. So I guess I will mind dump here on some of itt.

Health. I am unhealthy. seeing sickness in this room makes think I need to get me act together. not a fan of anything healthy but it’s time to radically change. But will I?

Church. I tweeter yesterday about church and being committed to being there. Its not just about being in church. It’s about being church. It’s about being Biblical. It’s about being committed to the Gospel with others. It’s about growing old together and sharing and hugging necks in tough times. Its not a convenience store where you go when you need something. It’s not an event where you go when it’s convenient and when it’s appealing. It’s about sharing gifts and receiving gifts. It’s about celebrating Jesus. It’s about forgiving and being forgiving. It’s the vehicle God created to accomplish His mission on the earth.

Important. What’s important seems to shift with time. Finances seem important until you are sitting in a funeral. Concern for your kids behavior seems really important until you see some other kid act way worse. Getting what you want seems important until you hear about someone on the edge of eviction from their house What is important are people. I need to remember love is the trump card. I play that card and everything else loses importance. What I care and worry about is minimal in light of my relationships with others.

Blogging. Haven’t been too faithful with it lately. not sure why. I have lots to say. But lately I kind of feel like I need to reserve my thoughts and not spill them all. People read things sometimes differently than I intend. Not bad necessarily but different.

Spell check. I stopped learning how to spell. Auto correct keeps me from growing in that area.

One Response to Where am i

  1. Tony, none of those things matter if you don’t take care of your health, because you won’t be around to love or care about anything: kids, church, people. Make your health a priority. I know it’s hard (and I DO like healthy stuff!) and I’m trying, too. 🙂

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