2010 Disappointments

Thinking back on this year, I find a lot of things happened that did not contribute to the best year ever. And most of the unpleasant experiences in all our lives revolves around people. We don’t spend a lot of time made at the washing machine because it broke down. We don’t wake up every day and look at our car and think how awful it is for having a flat tire that one time. Disappointments come from people. Their words. Their silence. Their actions. Their inactions. What they did consciously or unconsciously. It’s easy to hold people hostage to our disappointments. And, others will hold us hostage with their disappointments in us.

My challenge to me and my challenge to you is to let it all go. Forgive. Release. Have grace. Have mercy. What an amazing 2011 will be like if we all determined to not let any grudge, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, or resentment creep past the back door of 2010. It’s time to lay it all down. I heard it said once that people will fail you and you will fail people. So true. But I heard Jesus say “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” When you bind those two phrases together, we recognize the frailty of all of us. There is no need to let any 2010 disappointments creep into 2011. Let’s make it happen.

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