Legacy Staff Wives

When we consider anyone for staff at our church, their spouse is a critical part of the decision. We HIGHLY value marriages in our leadership structure. And we have some great guys on staff. Honest. But our ladies seriously rock. Shana is a great balance to Josh. She is gifted and talented and a wonderful blessing. Cheri no doubt brings support and strength to David. She can lead youth equally as strong as he can. And she really provides a lift to their ministry. And Rebecca, in my humble opionon, is a diamond. She has some great depth, a solid ministry backgroun. Chad and Rebecca are are the newest on our team so we are still getting to know them. But I think we will be amazed to see God work through Rebecca more and more.

I also am amazed at my wife. She seriously surprises me with her energy and drive. Holy cow. I would be lost without her.

 Legacy, you are blessed with these women on our staff. Would you pray for them today? They really do shoulder a lot of ministry and are such a blessing.

One Response to Legacy Staff Wives

  1. Chad Wright says:

    I’ll be the first to tell you I couldn’t get through my day without my wife. She’s amazing.

    Also it’s quite clear that everyone on staff at Legacy (heck, all of the guys at Legacy) married waaaaay up.

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